About Us

Rainboed is a leading recruitment agency in health and hospitality sector . We provide all kinds of tailored solutions and a comprehensive range for staffing services. We can satisfy both short and long-term labour demands and provide a complete workforce solution thanks to our combined pool of local, foreign-educated, and affiliate vendor specialists. Partner with Rainboed for consistent and dependable service delivery, whether you need a single or fleet of professionals to fill a key workforce gap looking for a solution.

The fact that distinguishes us from the rest is that we highly value long term relationship that serves the clients, candidates and each individual that is involved in the complete process of Rainboed.

Technology being at the core of our existence helps us leverage next gen AIML capabilities for the following effective solutions.

  1. Source and map talent more efficiently
  2. Speed up the screening process
  3. Eliminate bias and assess with objectivity
  4. Enhance candidate experience

  Partner with Rainboed for consistent and reliable service delivery a whole workforce solution.


Since  each case is unique, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution @ Rainboed

If you’re a client, that means we take the time to listen before offering solutions.

We also want to get things right from the start so you don’t have to waste time and money going through the recruitment process again.

That means we’re much more comprehensive than our competitors, but our extra effort always pays off in the form of dedicated employees that easily integrate into your care teams.

If you’re a candidate, we’ll be honest with you about what you may expect and the type of job you’ll be doing. We’ll also do everything we can to match your abilities, experience, and preferences with a position that you’ll enjoy.

R– Relationship matters

A-Ample growth space

I-Inclusive policies

N– No bullying zone

B– Business friendly environment

O-Opportunities for all




Reputation is everything, so we’ve worked hard to defend our position as one of the most reputable recruitment companies in the Indian subcontinent.

We realize that every one of us @Rainboed team represents what we stand for, so we all strive to be helpful, professional and learn from every interaction you have with us.

Whether it’s managing our vast pool of educated professionals in various fields for our clients, or putting the finishing touches to a travel plan for a candidate’s first day at work – we’re proud to be thorough and attentive in our work.

Rainboed Engagement Model
Rainboed Engagement Model